About us

Little Miss Millennial – Who we are               

As a millennial, we’re a bit of everything; trendy, cool, sexy and classy.  Admittedly not always at the same time!

Some of us are partying hard and some of us have children. We have one thing in common for sure, we all still love looking and feeling great.

Our aim is to bring you a great selection of clothes that will help you to feel the full spectrum of awesome that you are and ensure you feel every inch of the person you deserve to be without breaking the bank. 

We’re at the beginning of our journey, join us now if you can.  It will be worth the ride.

As we move into the next stage of our plan we endeavour to assist you in finding those niggly items you know you’ll love but just can’t find when we launch our 'Take me to market’ competitions.  In addition to this we will be looking to find ways to ‘Revive’ your cash flow following that one off purchase that served its purpose but is otherwise redundant. 

We’re a business for women, run by women, trust us, we have your gorgeously styled back covered.

If you have ideas you'd like to share please reach out to us - info@Little-Miss-Millennial.com  

Much love,