Don’t Bludgeon Your Colleagues…. No Really Don’t!

Don’t Bludgeon Your Colleagues…. No Really Don’t!

Posted by Dani - Founder & Fashion Lover (+ working Mum) on 1st Jun 2017

Top Tips For Returning To Work When Sleep Deprived

Calling all working mums! This piece is dedicated to any woman who is planning to go back to work with a child at home or is already doing so. It has to be one of the biggest life changes you can face as a woman and there are going to be many hurdles along the way. Sleep deprivation being one of these hurdles, at LMM we are going to give you some tips for coping with work, and other people when you are sleep deprived.

It is easy to blame everyone for any small thing that goes wrong in the office such as your stapler running out of staples or your partner taking the last cup of coffee. You might feel the need to scream at your partner for sleeping peacefully while your kid is screaming the night away. We hear you!

1. Take more vitamins - if you are breastfeeding, you could alternate a breastfeeding supplement with one that provides your body with more energy. Apparently, more Vitamin B will help your body deal with the stress it endures when forced to get by with just a few hours of sleep.

2. Early to bed- you might never be able to sleep in again (spoiler alert), at least for the next four years or so, meaning you might want to sleep early whenever you get the chance.

3. Water - drink lots of it, particularly after you have been a bit heavy handed with the Prosecco. Hangovers usually feel so bad because the body is dehydrated.

4. Exercise - find an aerobic activity you like and get moving to sweat it out a little and get the blood flowing. It does not have to be an-hour long; short-regular exercises will tire you out enough to improve the quality of your sleep.

5. Have a plan B - if you can, get someone to back you up; be it childcare, a friend, or your partner. Do not be shy about asking for help.

6. Take it easy on yourself - stressing yourself out can give you a restless night making the night longer than it is. You’re doing a fab job, trust us.

7. More protein and carbohydrates - have a good balance of the two so you do not feel sluggish. Some rice and sushi or salmon or rye bread and scrambled eggs could give you the extra energy needed to take on the day and keep you alert. I know it’s not chcolate cake (boring) but it really does help!

8. Take day naps - if you are able to sneak off somewhere for a 20-minute nap, then do it. Sit somewhere you will not be disturbed and take a power nap. We’ve known people to drive off site and nap in their car.

9. Caffeine - you might find tea with sugar helpful, just be sure to keep off the strong caffeinated drinks, as they will make you jittery.

10. Cheat days - if a glass of wine or some chocolate melting in your mouth makes being a working mum better for you, then indulge (moderately). It is okay to have a cheat day when you indulge in things that bring you happiness and make you feel good. You deserve it!